A Brief History

Michaela Freeman begun experimenting with digital graphics in 1996, when working around then state-of-the-art colored copy machines. Her collaboration with American artist and photographer Shelton Walsmith, encouraged her to test the abilities of copy and lamination machines, attempting to capture and preserve the beauty of flowers, leaves and other plant material. The results were first exhibited in spring 1997.

Since then, three fundamental shifts occurred:

  • computers and scanners became available and quickly gained memory and processing capacity,
  • advanced graphic programs enabled re-touching scanned images and, finally,
  • digital print made custom printing feasible in photographic quality and a wide variety of materials.

After two decades of work and some two thousand images in the archive, we see unexpected results - large-scale images printed on paper, PVC or canvas and sold worldwide thanks to the internet.

Personalized Experience

As a multitalented creative professional, Michaela Freeman decided to go beyond simply selling prints. MagnaGarden is a full, collaborative experience, arising from your preferences, may they be a favorite flower, a precise color to match your interior, or a request to create a totally exclusive piece.

Making a final choice from such an extensive selection may be challenging. We are ready assist you every step of the way, providing recommendations on framing and presentation, collaborating with your interior designers, helping with graphic renders of your future interiors or visualizations of your current ones, enhanced by Michaela’s art. We enjoy challenges and always look for new ways to implement the MagnaGarden art collection in interiors and exteriors.