Scanography lends itself for use in large public spaces, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, spas and other commercial venues as well as villas and residences. We are also collaborate with owners or managers of historic sites, botanical gardens, orchards or vineyards, to capture natural beauty of their specific property. Whether you need a centerpiece for your lobby or hundreds of images to fill offices or hotel rooms, we can do it.

Assisted Selection

We are prepared to collaborate with you in person or via Skype and discuss the needs of your particular projects. There are many images, printing and framing options in our archive. Let us know what you have in mind and together we will find a great solution.


We have a searchable database that helps you select by matching colors, particular sizes or a themes. This database is only accessible to commercial clients or large-project clients and their architects and designers. Please Send Us a Request to obtain your personal access code.

Site-Specific or Client-Specific Creation

We are able to create custom images of natural materials from your property, as well as man-made products such as fabrics, glass or craft items tohighlight a local culture.  Outdoor-friendly printing materials are available for on-site exhibitions or permanent installation at pools, arcades or gardens. These may be appropriately lit for evening use.

Large-Scale Continual Images

Unlike photography, scanography lends itself to creating seamless images that stretch across entire rooms. These composite images maintain their detail regardless of size. Run them up columns, along stairwells and escalators or fill an entire wall. They can burst with energy or be as subtle, elegant and delicate as you wish. All these images are custom made for the space requirements.

Framing Recommendations

Our Prague showroom presents art in top quality frames we found particularly suitable and interesting. If you need a quick solution and shipping is not a problem, it’s easy to order pieces “as framed“. We are also able to recommend specific framing solutions in collaboration with your local framing company or meet you in a framing shop in Prague to discuss options.

One-Site Consulting

Let’s meet on-site and discuss the space to find the best possible solution. Light, spaciousness, colors and surfaces all play a role. We can either support and complement a completed design scheme or create an eye-catching solution that may become the central focus of the design.

Rendering Support

We are able to supply you, your designer or architect with preview images in sufficient quality for you to create visualizations and renders. If you plan to add art to existing interiors, we can use photographs of your space (in reasonable quality) and superimpose art on them to aid in your selection.  

Exclusive Services

Quality spaces deserve exclusive images found nowhere else. You may find signed prints more appealing knowing that you will be the sole owner. We offer exclusive rights for existing images that have not yet been sold and for images specifically created for your project. The artist retains the right to use the image (exhibitions, art books, presentations) other than selling them as signed prints.

Artist's Signature

All prints are produced in Prague, Czech Republic. The artist personally approves the quality of each and every print and signs all prints before shipping.

Long-Distance Collaborations

With years of experience with international teams in several creative fields, long-distance collaborations are our daily bread.

International Shipping

We ship unframed prints worldwide by DHL. We are building a network of international representatives.