We have two words for you – challenge us. Michaela Freeman’s art exceeds the technical capabilities of traditional photography and stretches the limits of scanners, computers and printers. We produce large-scale images while maintaining high level of detail. Whether you need to fill five hundred hotel rooms with individual pieces or use a single image to stretch across the entire lobby, we can make it happen.

Assisted Selection

We are prepared to collaborate in person or via Skype and discuss the needs of your particular projects. There are many options in our archive, as well as many printing and framing options, materials for direct application on walls, glass, ceramics and more.


We have a searchable database that allows you to select by matching colors, particular sizes or themes. This database is accessible only to designers, architects and commercial clients. Please Send Us a Request to obtain your personal access code.

One-Site Consulting

Let’s meet on-site and discuss the space to find the best possible solution. Light, spaciousness, colors and surfaces all play a role. We can either support and complement a selected design scheme or create an eye-catching solution that will become the centerpiece of the design.

Site-Specific or Client-Specific Creations

Your clients might be interested in images created from natural materials found in their garden or immediate vicinity of the property. Man-made products such as fabrics, glass or craft items may highlight a local culture.  Outdoor-friendly printing materials are available for permanent exterior use at pools, verandas and gardens.

Large-Scale Continual Images

Unlike photography, scanography lends itself to creating seamless images that stretch across entire rooms. These composite images maintain their detail and create a sense of “closeness” across entire spans regardless of their size. Run them up columns, stairwells and escalators or fill an entire wall. They can burst with energy or be as subtle, elegant and delicate as you wish. All these images are custom designed and calibrated for the given space.

Exclusive Rights and Limited Editions

Quality spaces deserve exclusive images found nowhere else. Your clients may find signed prints more appealing knowing they will be the sole owners or that the print is a part of a limited edition. We offer exclusive rights for existing images that have not yet been sold and for images newly created for your project. The artist retains the right to use the image (exhibitions, art books, presentations) other than the sale of signed prints.

Custom Sizing

Although our extensive archive offers multiple sizes, they may not match your needs. We can “slice” larger images into strips or smaller pieces for grouping or crop them to fit your particular space. All such alteration must maintain their sense of composition and are subject to approval by the artist.

Framing Recommendations

Our Prague showroom presents art in top quality frames we have found to be particularly suitable and interesting. If you need a quick solution and shipping is feasible, it’s easy to order pieces “as framed“. We can also recommend specific framing solutions in collaboration with your local framing company or meet you in a framing shop in Prague to discuss options.

Rendering Service

We will be happy to supply you with preview images in sufficient quality to create visualizations and renders for your clients.   

Long-Distance Collaborations

With years of experience with international teams in several creative fields, long-distance collaborations are our daily bread.

Artist's Signature

All prints are produced in the Czech Republic. The artist personally approves the quality of each and every print and signs all prints before shipping.

International Shipping

We ship unframed prints worldwide by DHL. We are building a network of international representatives.